ASP is a powerful programming language that lets you create dynamic webpages that interact for your visitors. ASP lets you code your own polls, newsletter subscriber boxes, form processing tools, membership systems, and shopping carts. Are you interested in learning more about the ASP programming language? This website is all about how to learn ASP. It is full of free ASP code, a free ASP course, ASP sample code for a variety of useful tasks, and much more.

ASP stands for Active Server Pages. This programming language works with the Microsoft IIS server system. In many ways ASP is an equivalent to PHP, but ASP is designed specifically to work with IIS. I code in both ASP and PHP depending on what system I'm on. While there are now many versions of ASP out there, the ASP I describe and explain in these pages is the original form of ASP, now known as "ASP Classic".

My name is Lisa Shea, and I have been programming in ASP since 2000. I have created very large sites such as,, and on my own using ASP.

Using my years of knowledge, I have created a full step by step course online for free! My courseware includes function lists, code examples, host recommendations, error troubleshooting tips, and much more.

Peruse and enjoy!

Learning ASP
Free ASP Course - Learn ASP programming online, step by step, for free
ASP Basics - Understand what makes ASP work properly
ASP Functions - Full encyclopedia of ASP function calls
SQL Commands - Your website smoothly integrated with a database
Sample ASP Code - polls, blogs, sending mail, much more

Servers / Setup
ASP Host Reviews - hundreds of companies reviewed
ASP Server Setup - getting ASP up and running on your server
ASP Error Tips - dealing with errors and problems

Introduction to ASP - learn the basics of ASP coding
ASP SQL Database Programming - learn how to work with a database
Membership Database Creation - subscribes, profiles, and more
Shopping Cart Coding - create your own shopping cart!

Contract ASP
ASP Development - I offer reasonable rates for ASP support

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