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MoveNext Record Set Function

When you're working with a set of records in ASP, you want some way to move from record to record. The MoveNext function lets you do that.

Let's say you select all writers from your database with a statement like

SQLText = "select FirstName, LastName from writers order by LastName, FirstName"

You go through all the defining and opening of your record set and now want to move by them one by one, to put each one on your screen. You would say:

do while not objRec3.EOF
response.write objRec3("firstname") & " " & objRec3("lastname") & "

If you did NOT do the MoveNext, the record wouldn't move on to the next record. You would keep printing out the same record, over and over again, until your server went insane and locked up :)

Really, infinite loops are REALLY bad for your system. Make sure you always have your records advancing properly before you test out your code!

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