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ASP Hosting Options: Non-ASP Sites

I've gone through many, many web hosting plans in my years on the net. Here is a list of those who do NOT support ASP or MS-SQL, so I know to avoid them in my searches.

apollohosting.com: no ASP
avehost: Access DB only; 20 gig top
crazytech.net: linux only
futurequest: no ASP
globat.com: no ASP
hostrocket.com: no ASP
interland.com: no ASP
ipowerweb: no ASP
jumpline.com: no ASP
LunarPages: no ms-sql
powweb: no ASP
theplanet.com: no db
serverbeach.com: no db
westhost.com - only linux

Out of these, the one that I personally use for all of my non-ASP needs is Globat.com. These guys are GREAT and I am thrilled with how they have handled my non-ASP websites. Highly recommended:

1000 MB Hosting, 1000 Email Accounts only $7.50/mo

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