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ASP Hosting Options: MySQL Only

These hosting options only offer MySQL for a database system. I would highly recommend that ASP coders think seriously before using MySQL rather than MS-SQL for their database system.

backboneinternet: MySQL only. $30 for 2.5 gig/mo bandwidth
infinology.com: MySQL only. $86 for 10 gig/mo bandwidth
ISP Server.com: MySQL only. $123/month 1 gig/mo bandwidth
oneworldhosting.com: MySQL only. $15 for 5 gig/mo bandwidth
powerhoster.com: MySQL only. $98 for 100 gig/mo bandwidth
prohosting.com: MySQL only. only lists up to 60 gig/mo bandwidth
your-site.com: MySQL only. $10 for 6 gig/mo bandwidth

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