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ASP Hosting Options: Expensive Hosting

In my constant search for new hosting facilities, I often run into hosting firms whose prices are far above the normal price ranges. I keep this list to know which ones not to consider.

aplushosting.com: $299/mo for 150 gig bandwidth without sql
atlantic.net: $410/mo for 50 gig bandwidth; only 1.4 ghz
burlee.com: $139/mo for 30 gig bandwidth; extra $25/mo for 25mb tablespace
cwihosting.com: $303/mo for 30 gig bandwidth without sql
cybercon.com: $368/mo for P3-800
engageweb: $99/5 gig bandwidth
hostmysite.com: $1099/mo for 100 gig bandwidth
hostway.com: $259/mo for 125 gig bandwidth; 1.2 ghz without sql; sql +$215/mo
interland.com: $199/mo for 30 gig bandwidth
invotion.com: $510/mo to start
onlinecorp.com: $459/mo for 10 gig bandwidth
servepath.com: $299/mo for 500 gig bandwidth plus $250/mo for MSSQL
skynetweb.com: $280/mo for 75 gig bandwidth
speedyweb.com: $350/mo for 40 gig bandwidth without sql
superbserver.net: $190/mo to start, $15/mo for db [site down now]
valueweb.com: $295/mo just for database $159/mo for server
vdomains: $99/5 gig bandwidth

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