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ASP Hosting Review - NPSIS.com

We began using NPSIS.com in Feb 02, when our previous host, CIWebHost.com, had numerous down-time issues. NPSIS was a bit more money - $39.99/month - but seemed much more reliable.

We were with NPSIS from Feb 02 through Sept 02, so a relatively long time in the grand scheme of things. During that time the site itself was relatively stable. However, we had numerous database issues. The settings for the log file were incorrect, so it kept filling up even with minimal activity. We had to go back and forth with them quite a bit to get this resolved. Each time it happened the site would go down, since much of the site depended on database content to draw.

By August we were paying $80/month for 16 gig of bandwidth a month. This was fine with us - we were using the bandwidth, we were paying for it. However, during the first few days of August we used enough traffic that they figured we "would use 18 gig/month" if it kept up like that for the whole month. Of course, it could easily have been a traffic spurt, an anomoly. And if we had reached our 16 gig before August 30th we gladly would have paid more or taken other action. However, on Aug 9th they instead dropped a throttle on the account *without warning us*. They did the throttle in an inept manner and the entire site went down completely. I had to get in touch with them as an emergency to try to find out what had happened and when the site could be back up.

We had database issues with them mid-August again, and then another site-down incident. I finally moved us over onto EasyCGI.com on September 6th. While I gladly would have paid more to cover the bandwidth we were using at NPSIS, I could not keep the site on a server that could at any time go down without warning and whose tech support would take those actions without contacting me at all - either beforehand *or* afterwards.

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