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ASP Hosting Review - KorkSoft.com

When our current server at CIHost.com began rebooting every hour on the hour, we had to find a new hosting firm quickly. We went with KorkSoft.com. We signed up with them on 4/29/2003 to have a dedicated P4 1.8GHz server for $299/month.

The server was ready on 5/1 and we began moving. We noticed immediately that the server was VERY sluggish. Pages were taking an incredibly long period of time to draw - so much so that many people thought the server wasn't working at all. In looking at the system specs, I found that instead of a P4 1.8 GHz, we were on what appeared to be a P3-800MHz machine. I emailed and called them on 5/2 to report the issue.

I was told on 5/2 that it would be looked into, but didn't hear back despite numerous phone calls and email messages. I asked again on 5/8 for a status after a week of attempts. There was no response. After another week of non-response, I finally cancelled the account on May 20th and moved to yet another hosting firm - Dantor.com. Since we had been on KorkSoft for less than 30 days, and our server wasn't what we had requested, I asked for a refund.

So far, my requests for a refund have not gotten any response either.

Update on 5/28: I finally got a human on the phone and they said they had received my cancellation request, they just hadn't bothered to respond. They were planning on pro-rating my refund based on when I left them. They said they had set up a new server for us, but just hadn't bothered to respond to my phone calls or email messages asking about the issues. They said they sent one message on 5/4 but I "must have lost it" and they didn't feel it necessary to respond to any of my countless subsequent requests for help.

I cited the damage caused to our site by the incredibly slow speed, their inability to answer numerous support requests and demanded a full refund since I'd only been with them for 14 very painful days. Finally they agreed and said I would get my refund in 10 days. It's been 10 days ...

Update on 7/14: You guessed it, no refund yet. I've emailed and left messages. No response. I am going to have to file a dispute with my credit card to regain the money they promised to refund to me.

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