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ASP Hosting Review - Globat.com

I have very mixed feelings about Globat. On one hand I've used them for many years because their interface is easy to set up and maintain. It makes it easy for me to have accounts for each of my editors, so they can log into their area and maintain the images and graphics they store there. I like that interface.

On the other hand, Globat BOMBARDS you with spam messages, constantly. They "force" you into upgrades which you can only get out of if you actively write them to tell them not to upgrade you. I have repeatedly asked them to stop these practices but of course they keep doing it.

One day they randomly decided to change how all their directory naming conventions worked - without telling anyone! Suddenly all of our links everywhere were broken. It took days of talking with them for them to fix the issue.

Here is just one example of their poor customer service.

11pm EST 3/7/2008

Jay: Hi Lisa
Jay: upon checking your account
Jay: domain was just updated today
Jay: Domain Last Updated Date: Fri Mar 07 08:48:20 GMT 2008
Jay: and it takes 24 hours to update
Lisa Shea: why was it updated?
Lisa Shea: we've had this site for years
Jay: maybe our server was updated Lisa
Lisa Shea: So the entire site has been down since 8am GMT?
Jay: thats why the name server was updated aswell
Lisa Shea: which is what, 1am EST?
Jay: yes please try to check after 24 hours
Lisa Shea: My point being that I got no warning that my site was going to be down and I don't find it acceptable that you take live sites down randomly for 24 hour periods and the response it it'll be back after 24 hours.
Lisa Shea: Is that in your service contract that you can do this without any financial penalty?
Lisa Shea: Most hosting firms I work with pay a penalty if the site is not up for the full month
Jay: regarding that i suggest contact our billing department
Lisa Shea: I will be calling them right now. I've never had a tech support person tell me - when I report an entire server outage - "try again in 24 hours"
Lisa Shea: Usually they are racing to get it back up again within the hour
Jay: Lisa our billing department is out already, they are only available from 8 am to 4 pm PST
Lisa Shea: Good god so you don't even have anyone to call on the phone??
Lisa Shea: There must be an actual human to call about a server being completely down.
Jay: The only department that is  available right now is technical support
Lisa Shea: ok what is that number?
Jay: me and the other agent is online right now, our phone support is already close
Jay: only chat and email
Lisa Shea: OK so for your entire hosting company of Globat, there is *no* phone support right now
Lisa Shea: and all I can hear in chat is that "maybe" in 24 hours I might have a website again
Lisa Shea: and you don't even know why the server is down?
Jay: the server is not down Lisa
Jay: I checked your whois
Jay: and the last update of the name server was today
Jay: which needs to propagate for 24 hours
Lisa Shea: I own several servers via Netsol. When I do name server changes they propagate in 15 minutes.
Lisa Shea: We have done it many times
Lisa Shea: and again I should be warned up front of any system changes being made to my server which might result in an outage
Jay: ok let me create a ticket for you so that our senior techs will check it
Jay: please hold on
Jay: ok this is your Ticket #IQW-12523-699
Jay: please jsut wait an email from our senior tech
Jay: Did you have any other questions, I can assist you with?
Lisa Shea: no it looks like I need to take this up with someone higher up.
Lisa Shea: I will do so when you guys actually have phone lines open again. I have to say though that i will be publishing this news to my web lists, that you have no phone line at all open
Jay: our phone support is online from 8 am to 4 pm
Lisa Shea: right which is hardly appropriate for a web hosting company. Websites do not turn off at 4pm. Or at least, they shouldn't.
Jay: and its already PST 7:51 PM
Lisa Shea: Right, and my website is completely down. And there is no support team to call. But I will take that up with your customer service when they have a phone line open, right before I cancel my account.

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