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ASP String Function List

Strings, or variables that take letters and numbers, are used in just about every ASP script written. A string can be anything from "Hello, world" to "Four score and seven years ago" to "a thousand dollars."

A string can even have numbers in it. So a string could be "555-555-1212" or "800 dollars" or "192.123.456.789". Pretty much any letter or number you can type on a keyboard, and a few besides, can go into a string variable. You can then slice and dice those variables with a number of functions.

Here are some ASP string functions that allow you to work with your string variables. Click on any of these string function links to get full details on how to use that function.

Returns the ascii code of a given character.

Converts an integer or other numeric value into a string.

Located the first occurrence of a character or characters within a string.

Makes an entire string lower case.

Gets the leftmost X characters from a string

Tells you the number of characters in a string.

Extracts a group of characters from the center of a string.

Replaces a character or characters within a string with a new character or characters.

Gets the rightmost X characters from a string

Break a string up into bits based on spaces, periods, or other characters.

Removes any spaces from the beginning or end of a string.

Makes an entire string upper case.

By learning how each ASP string function works, you can ensure that you write your ASP code to be as efficient and quick-running as possible. That equates to happy visitors and easier debugging!

ASP Function List

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